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MasterChef contestants take up the fight against food waste across Australia

Fresh from his time back in the MasterChef kitchen Simon Toohey and fellow contestant Mandy Hall have partnered with the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to raise awareness of how we can all save money by reducing food waste.

A thriving, efficient and sustainable food industry is central to Australia’s economy, regional job security and prosperity, yet 40% of all the food we produce goes to waste.

A CRC to secure Australia’s food future

The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre brings together industry, research and the community to capitalise on Australia’s food waste opportunities. Winning this fight will save Australia $20 billion per annum in food waste through increased industry profitability and reduced food insecurity, as well as enhancing Australia’s reputation as a sustainable and trusted producer of premium food products.

Through our three research and development programs, we will REDUCE food waste across the supply chain, TRANSFORM unavoidable waste into innovative high-value co-products, and ENGAGE with industry and consumers to create change.


Value-chain Food Waste/Losses in Australia: $20 Billion per Annum


43 Industry Partners

8 University Partners

8 State Agencies


The CRC Program supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community.
The CRC has funding for 10 years until 2028.

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4 hours ago
The food and drink supply chain faced enormous pressure during the Covid-19 crisis— bars and restaurants closed or limited their services and consumers adapted to cost and availability challenges by modifying their choices in a variety of ways.
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Do you understand food labels? What is the difference between 'use by' and 'best before'? Our research tells us that only 51% of Australians know the difference ... check out our short video to learn more
1 day ago
Aussie households throw 2.5 million tonnes of food in the bin each year. Why not throw some of that into a pie instead? @LFHWNSW @East_Waste @OzHarvest @woolworths @WRAP_UK FoodWasteCRC photo