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Have you heard about Stop Food Waste Australia?

Stop Food Waste Australia is an independent long-term partnership that reduces food waste and food insecurity, drives innovation, and improves the Australian food system’s productivity and resilience.

A thriving, efficient and sustainable food industry is central to Australia’s economy, regional job security and prosperity, yet 25% of all the food we produce goes to waste.

Our vision is an Australia without food waste

The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre brings together industry, research, and the community.

Winning this fight will save Australia $20 billion per annum; it will reduce food waste, increase industry profitability, and improve food rescue to deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits for Australia.

Through our three research and development programs, we will ENGAGE with industry and consumers to REDUCE food waste across the supply chain and TRANSFORM unavoidable waste into innovative products.

Value-chain Food Waste/Losses in Australia: $20 Billion per Annum


43 Industry Partners

8 University Partners

8 State Agencies


The CRC has funding for 10 years until 2028.

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Total staff in-kind (216 FTEs)

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20 hours ago
We are proud to have the tremendous support of @CQUni as a key research partner on our journey to half #foodwaste in Australia by 2030. Thank you @CQUni VC Professor Nick Klomp for your commitment to #foodwaste #research. Our ENGAGE team enjoyed your #Sydney Campus visit FoodWasteCRC photo
2 weeks ago
Research findings from our projects are included in this latest @StopFoodWasteOz newsletter!
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Stop Food Waste Australia @StopFoodWasteOz
We've got apples, pears, tomatoes, capsicums and Easter Eggs in our latest #foodwaste newsletter!
3 weeks ago
Our #SaveFoodPackaging stakeholder interviews told us that consumer demands and trends change quickly which make it difficult for the food industry to design appropriate products @AIPACKAGING @RMIT
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