Current Masters opportunity | Fight Food Waste CRC
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This unique research project will see you working alongside the Australian pork industry. The student will be part of a broader national Food Waste to Pig Feed – Safe and Bio-secure project lead by the South Australian Research and Development Institute, a division of Primary Industries and Regions SA (project soon to be launched). This project will investigate the food safety, biosecurity risks, and economic feasibility of converting food waste into pig feed. Pig feed currently accounts for 58% of pork production costs in Australia and approximately 60-80% of pig diets contain wheat and other grains. Currently, only 10-20% of Australian herds are accessing manufacturing waste. According to the National Food Waste Baseline, Australians generate 7.3 million tonnes per annum of food waste of which 60% is avoidable and could be directed to food rescue and animal feed. In Japan, the Ecofeed (animal feed made from recycled food waste scraps and leftovers) industry has been successfully and safely producing nutritious feed for pigs from surplus food for over 15 years and is a global pioneer in this field, currently recycling 52% of food industry surplus into animal feed.

Please visit our ad on the seek website and contact Dr Valeria Torok for enquiries and applications.