Director’s Elections | Fight Food Waste CRC
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At the Fight Food Waste Limited (FFWL) Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held by video conference on 27 November 2020, two Director positions will become vacant due to rotational requirements, those of Alain Pillay & Robbie Davis. Both Directors are renominating for further terms of three (3) years.

Having assessed the collective skills and experience of the Board, the required skill sets most impacted by the retiring/renominating Directors are as follows:

  • General skills: financial management, audit and accounting, risk management
  • General skills: legal, commercialisation 
  • Domain-specific skills: agriculture production, value-added products, packaging 

Nominations for the Director positions becoming vacant are now open and must be made in writing to the Company Secretary by 5:00pm AEDT on 11 October 2020. Please include a short biography outlining relevant experience as well as a recent CV.

The FFWL Remuneration and Nominations Committee and Board will consider all nominees in the context of FFWL’s requirements and needs (including the requirement for the majority of the Board to be independent of the Participants) and will determine a final list of nominees by 6 November 2020 for circulation to Members.