2018/2019 Annual Report | Fight Food Waste CRC
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2018/2019 Annual Report

Achievements in our first year of operation provide the platform for our fight to achieve our vision of an Australia without food waste.

The first half of 2018/2019 involved a series of collaborative workshops focussed on the key RD&E project areas within the Fight Food Waste CRC, including packaging innovation (REDUCE program), horticulture transformation (TRANSFORM program), and consumer behaviour change (ENGAGE program).

Throughout the second half of 2018/2019, the Fight Food Waste CRC Management Team worked with industry participants and research providers to establish our initial research portfolio of 29 projects. During this time the CRC established detailed project guidelines through an iterative process to help participants prepare the strongest proposals possible.

The 2019/2020 financial year promises to be one full of activity for the Fight Food Waste CRC. First and foremost, will be the establishment of the remaining RD&E projects in our initial research portfolio. This will ensure that every participant, whether core or supporting, will be directly involved in a research or extension project, with many involved in multiple. It will also ensure that our Grant Agreement performance milestones for our first three years will be well progressed.