Food Waste Action Week – 7 ways in 7 days to fight food waste at home | Fight Food Waste CRC
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There are not many global issues you’d expect to solve at the humble kitchen bench. But it’s precisely here, in kitchens around Australia and the world, that we’re taking on one of the big ones – climate change.

Wasting food feeds climate change. The food we waste produces 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions – if it were its own country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter! Not to mention, it’s throwing your money into the bin right next to those food scraps.

The good news? Food wasted at home is mostly avoidable. And small changes can make a BIG difference.

We’ve joined with our UK partner, WRAP, for Food Waste Action Week 2022 (March 7-13) to help bring attention – and create meaningful change – to the food waste cause.

We’ve got seven ways, in seven days to kick start small changes with big impacts.


1 – Save dough. And bread too.

Bread is the most wasted food in Australia. Enjoy every slice by toasting straight from the freezer or defrost for 10 minutes for a sandwich.


2 – Leave no bran behind.

Before your next shop, make a meal from ingredients you need to use up first. Stir fry, pasta bake or this ‘bang anything in breakfast burrito‘ can be made with a mixed melody of whatever you’ve got left. Love Food Hate Waste have a library of recipes by leftover ingredient, start exploring recipes now.


3 – Send a text. (Yep, a text. Thankfully, fighting food waste is easy as!)

Know who’s eating before committing to the chopping up more than you can chew, so to speak.


4 – Love your leftovers.

Keep leftovers in clear, airtight containers and pop them on the top shelf of the fridge ready for lunch or freeze them if you won’t eat them in time.


5 – Don’t double up.

Take a quick check of what you already have before hitting the shops, write a list and (the hard but cost saving part) stick to it.


6 – Are you part of Australia’s incredible food industry?

Firstly, we love your work! Secondly, check out the Australian Food Pact. You can become a leader in stopping food waste… and reap the benefits.


7 – Keep it going.

Jump onto our Instagram and our friends at @lfhw_uk to get more food waste reduction tips throughout Food Waste Action Week and the year.


We all have our part to play in reducing food waste, in line with meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 of halving global food waste by 2030. Food Waste Action Week 2022 is the perfect way to be part of a movement that starts in your home but will impact the entire globe!