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As one of the largest research and development centres globally focused on reducing food waste, we want more people to get involved!

We created this page to outline the different ways you can get involved and also provide the information you need. Maybe you’ve got an idea to reduce food waste but don’t know if it is technically feasible? We will help you find the right people to talk to from across our 8 university partners, 43 industry participants and 8 state government agencies. Or maybe you want to know more about the types of research projects we are looking to fund in the coming years, or how to officially join the CRC?

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This value proposition tells you all about the benefits of joining the Fight Food Waste CRC.

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We have a clear plan about where we are going, read about it in our 2018-2028 Strategic Plan.

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For the specific investment opportunities, read our 2021-2028 Investment Framework

We are developing capability statements for each of our research partners – the full suite will be available soon, however Central Queensland University, Curtin University, the University of Adelaide, the University of Southern Queensland, RMIT and the University of Queensland are available now below.

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If you are interested in joining, our admission guidelines outline the next steps

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For businesses, reducing food waste can have a direct positive impact on your bottom line. Find out more from SFWA

Study with Us

We have many opportunities for post graduate students.

Discover other ways you can get involved

Tell us your idea

Whether it involves research, education, communication, policy or legislation, we will try to help you progress it.

How can you reduce your own food waste?

We have a fantastic website that makes it ‘easy as’ to reduce your household food waste. Our participants have a range of resources that can help you save food and save money.

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Our friends at Stop Food Waste Australia deliver the one-stop-shop for all food waste news. You can sign up here for our fortnightly e-newsletter.

Contact Us

You can get in contact with us with any questions that you have, we like to talk all things food waste!

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Interventions to reduce the amount of #foodwaste in Aussie households can have biggest impacts by focusing on the products wasted most often (e.g. high value products like meat, or quantities like bread).

Read more in our latest research report:
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Reducing the amount of #foodwaste from households means targeting areas where the biggest impacts can be made. Our research shows top five food categories to be prioritised (based on $ value). Read the report: FoodWasteCRC photo
For those working to reduce household #foodwaste, our latest report highlights key areas recommended to focus interventions on. Biggest impacts can be made, for example, by targeting behaviours most linked to less waste.

Learn more and access the report:
FoodWasteCRC photo