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Industry Connection Hub

Connect and network with experts, be the first to hear about the latest research to help Australia’s food industry reduce and transform waste.

The FFW CRC is committed to ensuring research results are used by industry and that they have a real impact, one of the ways we do this is via our Industry Connection Hub. 

“What I really enjoy about the Hub is the connections with industry, ways of reaching out to representatives from different industries that further the purposes of my organisation, ways to hear about developments in the industries that connect with the work that I do.”

Julie Stratford

Industry Engagement Manager, Skills Impact

What is the Industry Connection Hub?

The Industry Connection Hub is a network of industry, research, education providers and extension specialists working together to communicate and extend CRC research results to businesses across Australia and helping them to reduce and transform food waste.   

It is not just about reducing waste but creating new opportunities and revenue streams. 

Each month the Industry Connection Hub meets via zoom for the Lunch Break Series, to receive the latest research and information first hand and hear how it has been used to benefit industry – contributing to the goal of halving Australia’s food waste by 2030.


Why join the Hub?

  • Connect and network with food waste experts – industry, educators and researchers
  • Access monthly live presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Interact directly with the CEO and program leaders
  • Be the first to know how research has helped the industry
  • Find out what opportunities there are to participate or partner in a CRC project
  • Share your own food waste initiative
  • Ongoing access to the previous Lunch Break Series session recordings


Join the Hub live sessions to be a part of the conversation and present your own food waste initiatives to the members

“I really like presentations by various people at the hub and learning about things happening outside of Engage area.”

Frank Sammut

Executive Director , Central Coast Industry Connect

” I have enjoyed hearing about relevant projects and meeting people who are doing work to reduce food waste and loss.”

Emma Coath

Managing Director , Rocket Seeder

“At the Hub, I enjoy the connection with others and the possibility to connect to assist my research project. Learn from others in the Industry.”

Jo Buckman

Food & Nutrition Marketer

Join the Hub Lunch Break Series

Each month the Industry Connection Hub meets via zoom for the Lunch Break Series, bringing industry and researchers together. Become a Hub member to join these live sessions.

What will you get when you join the lunch break series?


  • Monthly zoom invitation to join our hub seminars
  • Be the first to learn about new research outputs
  • Connect with research findings relevant to your business
  • Ask questions directly to researchers and industry
  • Find out about new research and how you can get involved

Get on the invite list!

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