News updates from the FFW CRC

20 November 2019 PRESS RELEASE – Australians want to waste less food – but are unaware how much food they’re really throwing away


6 August 2019 PRESS RELEASE – International expert to help fight food waste in Australia 

5 August 2019 PRESS RELEASE – Grants for small agribusinesses to turn food waste into commercial products

17 June 2019 Offer from KPMG

As a supporting participant of the FFW CRC, KPMG are pleased to offer a rapid Commercial Feasibility Assessment (CFA) of key FFW CRC projects.  This assessment will combine KPMGs commercial due diligence, Agriculture and Food, Research and Development, and Retail and Supply Chain experience to assist project owners to identify risks and opportunities with the proposed commercial model and ultimately to determine if the projects are likely to be commercially feasible.

The value of each CFA is $10,000 in-kind and four are available in 2019 at no cost to FFW CRC participants.

Participants will be required to sign an Engagement Letter direct with KPMG. Please read the Terms & Conditions. Please lodge your interest with Sally Pyke.

Here are our past newsletters

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21 October 2019 – Newsletter 17 – … WINNERS in a global #FoodWaste challenge

3 October 2019 – Newsletter 16 – … introducing our industry-led PIRSA/SARDI abalone project

24 September 2019 – Newsletter 15 – Woolworth’s roadmap, Brisbane participant’s meeting, and more …

6 September 2019 – Newsletter 14 – Cloud-based technology to assist industry reduce food waste 

23 August 2019 – Newsletter 13 – Finding the balance between packaging and reducing food waste

12 August 2019 – Newsletter 12 – Projects! Projects! Projects!

25 July 2019 – Newsletter 11 – Register now for our SME Solutions Centre launch event

12 July 2019 – Newsletter 10 – Launch of our SME Solutions Centre and more …

27 June 2019 – Newsletter 9 – More projects approved and on their way!

17 June 2019 – Newsletter 8 – Congratulations to Woolworths! 100% of stores with a food waste program

3 June 2019 – Newsletter 7 – Introducing our Industry Connection Hub

17 May 2019 – Newsletter 6 – UK ‘Guardians of Grub’ campaign and more …

6 May 2019 – Newsletter 5 – Two more projects approved!!

18 April 2019 – Newsletter 4 – First four projects approved!!! and some ‘Eggcellent’ tips to reduce Easter waste

5 April 2019 – Newsletter 3 – FFW CRC at AUSPACK2019 and more …

21 March 2019 – Newsletter 2 – Stories about the food we don’t eat …

4 March 2019 – Newsletter 1 – Hello from Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre


Previous news updates

11 September 2019 DIRECTOR’S ELECTIONS

At the Fight Food Waste Limited (FFW) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 21 November 2019, two Director positions will become vacant having reached the end of their initial terms; John Webster and Toine Timmermans. Both the Directors were part of the bid team for the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and were appointed directly in 2017 where the remaining Directors were appointed by the participants in June 2018, hence being the first scheduled to retire.  Both Directors are renominating for further terms of three (3) years.

Having assessed the collective skills and experience of the Board, the required skill sets most impacted by the retiring/renominating Directors are as follows:

  • General skills: research & development, legal.
  • Domain specific skills: international food waste initiatives, economics/circular economy, education & training, and packaging.

Nominations for the Director positions becoming vacant are now open and must be made in writing to the Company Secretary by 5:00pm AEDT on 10 October 2019.  Please include a short biography outlining relevant experience.

The FFW Remuneration and Nominations Committee and Board will consider all nominees in the context of FFW’s requirements and needs (including the requirement for the majority of the Board to be independent of the Participants) and will determine a final list of nominees by 31 October 2019 for voting to occur at the FFW AGM on 21 November 2019 by the members of the company.

6 May 2019 Date label research

We all know that on-pack date related labelling is one of the most direct information carriers used in the food industry to communicate specific product attributes with consumers. Working with Wanjun Chu, PhD student from Linköping University, Sweden, we are promoting this research project to systematically explore how to better design on-pack date labels and storage guidance to support consumers in reducing food waste.

As part of this research, Wanjun will explore and experiment with novel ways to create better interactions between these on-pack information attributes and consumers. In order to achieve this, we would like to reach as many industry participants as possible to understand your knowledge, experiences, difficulties, and suggestions regarding the design of on-pack date labels and storage information.

The research will be conducted through an interview and on-pack label design ideation session. If you are interested in participation or want to know more about the project, please feel free to contact us at: