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The challenge

An important component of all CRCs is ensuring research results are used by industry and that they have real impact on the way we do business. It is also important to measure this impact.

The FFW CRC is committed to doing this for the Australian food industry in a way that doesn’t just rely on annual conferences, final research reports and participant newsletters. Whilst these very important communication activities will still take place, the FFW CRC intends to be innovative and inclusive when it comes to communication, industry engagement, research extension and training.

Help us – training needs survey

We have launched a very important survey in a bid to ascertain new training programs and innovative education delivery mechanisms to Australian food businesses in regard to food waste.  We are asking all food business owners and managers to get behind this important initiative, actively take part in the survey and promote it far and wide as it is a critical first step in gathering information on what are the training opportunities and what knowledge gaps need to be filled for Australian food businesses throughout the entire supply chain.

Those that take part in the survey can also go into the draw to win a $200 VISA voucher if they so wish or may choose instead a $200 donation to their favourite food rescue charity of choice.

Take the survey here now and be part of the fight food waste revolution in Australia (approximately 10-15 minutes):

Our plan

The Industry Connection Hub operates under the principle that we are fundamentally stronger together in extending research results to industry and developing relevant and coordinated education and training for industry. The principal benefits of belonging to the Hub are therefore focused around the enhanced opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of information from the CRC in a rapid and timely manner to benefit Hub member’s industry sectors and businesses.The Hub will also provide a platform for researchers and research students to access industry for activities such as surveys, interviews, market research, advice and connections.

The Industry Connection Hub aims to:

  • increase industry engagement in food waste reduction through promoting FFW CRC research findings and identified training opportunities.
  • contribute to achieving the objectives of the FFW CRC by providing the opportunities and knowledge for Hub members to train at least 125 industry representatives per year for the next 10 years (with the goal that those trained will implement at least one new piece of knowledge, technology, method or process into their business or place of employment).
  • identify industry training program outputs that will be used by industry to ensure that their business and their workforce are better skilled, new knowledge created by CRC research is applied to industry and industry have the necessary skills to take up R&D results from the CRC.
  • be the vehicle in which to conduct the Training Needs Analysis to identify skill and training gaps.
  • be the vehicle in which the CRC’s portfolio of communication and extension materials are used by CRC organisations to adopt food waste innovations.
  • broaden industry networks for the FFW CRC as an organisation.
  • tap into existing powerful networks and channels direct to industry.
  • establish a platform to support the implementation of the National Food Waste Strategy.

A key objective for the Hub is to be a key instigator for identifying new and fresh education and training opportunities, courses, master classes, micro-learning and e-learning that Hub members can develop for their industry members and sectors.  This will be achieved through a training needs analysis with FFW CRC Participants that will identify what training opportunities are available in relation to food loss and waste and packaging as well as the gaps.

The benefit to industry will be the establishment of online and offline learning channels and resources developed by Hub members and access to FFW CRC research results in a timely manner and in a format that can be understood and applied directly within their business.

Please read our membership guidelines and if you are interested, we have a simple online application form to complete.


As this project progresses, we’ll share the good news on this page by adding information, links, images, interviews and more.


Please download our project information sheet.


July 2018 – June 2028


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