Reducing Supply Chain Losses

Program Activities
  • Map resource flows, waste and root cause analysis
  • Review functions and consumer perceptions of packaging and processing
  • Investigate product specific supply chains and identify opportunities
  • Investigate methods to increase food donation and measure its social impact
Program Impacts
  • More efficient supply chain management practice.
  • Better understanding by the consumer of the role of packaging in reducing food waste.
  • Longer shelf life for food products.
  • Lower volumes of food wastage.
  • Ability to access new markets for Australian food.
  • Less packaging in landfill.
  • Additional 20M kg pa of rescued food distributed.
  • 2,600 welfare agencies supported.
  • Reduction in number of hungry people turned away from welfare agencies.
  • $136M pa social return on investment.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and landfill costs.