2018 – 2028 Strategic Plan | Fight Food Waste CRC
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An Australia without food waste.

This strategy sets out our 10-year plan to not only deliver the Full Business Case – now the basis of the Grant Agreement with the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources – but also significantly contribute to the NFWS and achieving SDG 12.3 by 2030. We plan to do this through two
key actions:

  • deliver on the Grant Agreement – We will first establish our initial 30-project research, development and extension program based on the best science and expertise with our existing participants. We will then develop and deliver new projects with existing and new participants that ensures we effectively deliver on all Grant Agreement performance milestones.
  • deliver Future Initiatives – We will identify and target additional food loss and waste opportunities based on the National Food Waste Baseline (NFWB) and other key reports that will deliver significant food waste reduction and industry benefits to help achieve SDG 12.3. Additionally, we will scope and potentially develop a 10-year national behaviour change program that targets the entire food system particularly consumers, with the Australian and state and territory governments and industry that reduces and prevents food waste from entering landfill. Future initiatives will require additional funding to deliver.

This 10-year 2018-2028 Strategic Plan, of which a one-page summary follows, will form the basis of a 2018-2028 Investment Framework for the Fight Food Waste CRC. Both will be reviewed and updated every 2-3 years and will be accompanied in the future by a 2018- 2033 Impact Model that tracks the CRC’s performance against the Full Business Case Impact Tool along with the Grant Agreement and other key metrics. Annual Operational Plans will be extracted from the Strategic Plan and Investment Framework.


Read our 2018 – 2028 Strategic Plan.