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PhD and Masters by Research opportunities in the
Fight Food Waste CRC

The Fight Food Waste CRC has a range of opportunities for students interested in being part of this $120 million industry-led national research centre. PhD and Masters by Research projects are available in the three program themes – REDUCE food waste, TRANSFORM unavoidable food waste into valuable products, and to ENGAGE with industry and consumers to change their behaviour. Students will receive a generous stipend, enhance their career prospects by participating in bespoke career mentoring activities as well as undertaking a business focussed graduate certificate.

Topics for student projects available are:


Alternatives to SO2 in abalone.

Course, University and Industry Partner

PhD at University of Adelaide, Abalone Council of Australia.

Dr Stephen Pahl


Waste-to-Energy: Fuelling sustainable wastewater treatment with food waste

Course, University and Industry Partner

PhD Course at the Universiity of Queensland

Dr Paul Jensen



More topics coming soon …

If you are interested, please email the contact person listed.

Successful PhD students will undertake a four year program and receive a total tax free stipend of $35,000 per annum (comprising a scholarship from the host university, such as a University of Australian Postgraduate Award, with a top up from the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre). To receive the University scholarship, applicants will generally need a First-Class Honours degree or Masters level qualification.

Details of each research project will be developed together with our industry partners.