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PhD research opportunities in the
Fight Food Waste CRC

The Fight Food Waste CRC has a range of opportunities for students interested in being part of this $121 million, 10 year, Australia wide, whole of value chain industry-led research collaboration.

PhD research projects are available in the three focal areas of the Fight Food Waste CRC – REDUCING food waste, TRANSFORMING unavoidable food waste into valuable products, and ENGAGING with industry and consumers to change their behaviour.

Students will receive a generous stipend, enhance their career prospects by participating in bespoke career mentoring activities as well as undertaking a business focussed graduate certificate.

Topics for student projects available are:


Alternatives to SO2 in abalone.

Course, University and Industry Partner

PhD at University of Adelaide, Abalone Council of Australia.

Stephen Pahl


Enhancing engagement from volunteers in food rescue organisations.

Course, University and Industry Partner

PhD at Central Queensland University Sydney campus, Foodbank.

Upamali Amarakoon


Biomass characterization and adding value to waste biomass.

Course, University and Industry Partner

PhD at University of Adelaide, Potato Industry.

If you are interested, please email the contact person listed.

Successful PhD students will undertake a four year program and receive a total tax free stipend of $35,000 per annum (comprising a scholarship from the host university, such as a University of Australian Postgraduate Award, with a top up from the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre). To receive the University scholarship, applicants will generally need a First-Class Honours degree or Masters level qualification.

Details of each research project will be developed together with the identified industry partner. Further, not all projects are guaranteed to commence in 2019.