Top 10 actions from the National Food Waste Summit | Fight Food Waste CRC
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A message from Dr Steven Lapidge, CEO Fight Food Waste Limited:

Thank you to everyone who joined the second National Food Waste Summit and Trade Show. Your participation helped ensure the Summit was an unqualified success, and a milestone event on our journey to halving Australia’s food waste by 2030.

Changemakers from across the food industry, government and research institutions gathered in Brisbane on 23-24 November to explore the current, and future, landscape of food in Australia and the latest topics, trends, and solutions to Australia’s $36.6 billion food waste challenge. 

In summing up the conference, I provided 10 actions that we all need to take in order to realise our shared food waste goals:

  1. Make the National Food Waste Strategy and Feasibility Study your friend and work with us to deliver on both.
  2. Sign up to the Australian Food Pact and encourage your business colleagues and supply chain partners to do the same.
  3. Sign the Letter of Support for the National Food Donation Tax Incentive.
  4. Help create the momentum for a harmonised Nationwide Consumer Behaviour Change Campaign; something reinforced by Queensland Environment Minister, the Hon. Meaghan Scanlon MP at her keynote address.
  5. Work with Fight Food Waste Ltd to help create the upcycled food industry in Australia.
  6. Get involved with our Future Leaders program as we want our great postgraduate students to be your future leaders.
  7. Jon Dee challenged us to think big, which will require serious money. So think BIG!
  8. Promote the mantra that Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change far and wide.
  9. Use every opportunity to design out food waste. It all starts with prevention.
  10. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

We look forward to working together on these 10 actions.

The third National Food Waste Summit is scheduled for mid-2024. Visit our Get Involved page to sign up to our newsletter and stay updated with what’s happening at the CRC. .